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tips for analytical writing section

I hope you all must be aware of the basics of AWA essays of GRE. AWA section, consist of two essay topic: Issue and argument essay. In Analyze an Issue task, you are required to evaluate the issue, keeping in mind complexities of topic, and produce an argument that includes reasons and examples supporting your views.

To analyze it requires you to evaluate a given argument according to specific instructions. You need to focus on the logical soundness of your arguments. However, It is important for essays to present ideas and arguments clearly and persuasively. Excellent writing skills are an important aspect for both essays. It is important to know certain conventions to score decent in AWA essay. Let’s see what are these:
Avoid Redundancy in sentences
This one of the most important rules of writing. ‘Repetition’ will not only spoil your writing  but also create a dubious meaning of  paragraph even how smart you are in sentence structuring. Also avoid using too simple sentences for GRE essay. Write little complex sentences to impress GRE readers.

Never put Grammar on back seat
Correct grammar lets you convey your thoughts correctly. Brush up basic tenses from time to time. Learning different forms of verb is equally important. I will suggest make a chart of these and hang it in your living room. Be careful while using different parts of speech (correct writing conventions of nouns, adverbs, etc.). If your essay is grammatically incorrect then GRE Readers will conclude that the essay’s logic, structure, etc., are also incorrect. Correct spellings and Punctuations are equally important.  Be Aware!
Use your word power effectively
Correct choices of words reduce the length of sentence and make the whole thing fast to read. It also demonstrates your proficiency over English language in front of GRE readers. So, instead of writing ‘there was a strong feeling of patriotism’ use word fervid.
Same time be careful in word selection, do not use a word just for the sake of using it also it should be appropriate according to context. Idioms and phrases are helpful in effective writing.
Transition words are must
Words like ‘However’, ‘Nevertheless’, ‘consequently’ highlight your analytical abilities, do use them generously. Also include phrases like, firstly, secondly, etc. This will help you in producing lucid writing. These words are so appealing that the GRE readers can not miss them.
At Last, also keep in mind the time limit, many students grow vague when time is running out. In Revised GRE time limit for both essays will be 30 minutes. Also, be careful to compose a to the point essay. Same time, do not let yourself slip into dogmatism. Remember GRE Readers look highly upon the judicious individual. Be creative and organize either you elaborating your stance for issue essay or analyzing a give stance for argument essay

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