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GRE Quant Question of the day#1

We are kicking off the GRE Question of the day series. These questions are regular multiple choice. Above all they are interactive questions. Meaning you will be able to answer them right here as you read the blog. Our blog software indicates if you answered the question correctly. Here is a simple average word problem for you. It is your turn to solve. Remember to click on the solution link to view the solution to the question.

GRE Quant Question of the day # 1

Kevin takes seven math practice tests and scores an average of 55 points in the first 6 practice
tests. If the first practice test is not included, his average score for the remaining tests is 57. If he   scores 50 points in the first practice test, how many points did he score in the seventh practice test?

The important thing to remember here is the average formula:

In our example that implies:


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