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GRE Reading Comprehension: Practice Question of the Week

Intelligent people are often said to have big brains. This should not be taken literally. If brain size were the cause of intelligence, we should expect elephants to be the planet’s smartest creatures. Rather, our intelligence is a result of the dense and complex neural network of the human brain. The disproportionately large human brain is no accident, however: the constancy of cell size means that a certain cranial capacity is necessary. Indeed, a large cranial volume is paramount to allow for an advanced neural network to develop. Brain size should thus be considered a prerequisite for intelligence rather than its cause.
In the argument given, the two sentences in bold play which of the following roles?
  1. The first cites a general rule; the second points out an exception to that rule.
  2. The first makes a hypothesis; the second provides evidence confirming this hypothesis.
  3. The first makes an observation; the second proposes an explanation for this observation.
  4. The first makes a crucial claim; the second links this claim to the main idea of the passage.
  5. The first identifies a common argument; the second contradicts this argument.


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